Autopuller Friendly Clubs

Autopullers are used are used at clubs across the country!

After the name of each club you will find the type of connector the club uses according to our customers. If a connector is not listed and you know what your club uses, please let us know so we can make ordering easier for others!  If you are using an Autopuller at a club not listed, please complete the contact form at the bottom to have it added. 
This list is based on information received from a shooter at that club.  The connector may have changed we cannot guarantee that it is correct.

Grouse Ridge
Bridewood Shooting Club
JBER - Skeet L5-15 skeet/ML-3 Trap 

Southern Skeet and Trap

Big Sky Trap and Skeet
Styx River Shooting Center  - Laporte 4pin
Taylor Creek Gun Club (Theodore)
Madison County Shooting Sports Association - L5-15

Blue Rock Gun Club - Skeet - L5-15 / Sporting Clays - Promatic Duraplug
Knobb Creek

Davis-Monthan AFB Club - L5-15 Male Connector

Ft. Huachuca Sportsman Center - L5-15
Ben Avery - L5-15

Lemoore Sportsmen's Club

Santa Lucia Sportsman Association
San Luis Osbispo
Triple B's  - 5-pin Female XLR
Kern County - ML-3
Bird's Landing
Black Point
Beale Airforce Base - L5-20
Coon Creek Trap and Skeet (Lincoln) - Standard 110v
 Pacific Rod and Gun Club - ML-3
Pravo L5-15

Golden Gun Club
Grand Junction Trap & Skeet -- L5-15 & L5-20
Pike's Peak - ML-3
Buckley AFB ML-3

Fin Fur Feather ML-3
Groton Sportman's Club - L5-15 male
Hartford Gun Club
Hamden Fish and Game - ML-3
Ledyard Sportsman's Club --  ML-3
Quaker Hill
Niantic - L5-20
NWCSA - ML2 (Trap Field)

Skyline Hunting & Fishing

Gator Skeet Trap (Gainesville) - Cooper 7567N

Flagler Gun and Archery Club
Ameila Shotgun Sports
Palatka Skeet Club - ML-3
St. Augustine - ML-3
Miami Gun Club ML-3
Port of the Islands
Volusia County Gun Club
Jacksonville Skeet and Trap - L5-20
Hurlburt Clay Target Sports (Elgin AFB)  - XLR 5-pin

Pinetucky Gun Club - ML-3
Big Red Oak Plantation
Old Hudson Plantation
Mossy Oak, Hunter Army Airfield  (Savannah)-- L14-20P
Amana Sportsman's Club
AVAD Hunt Club
Venture Gun Club

Skyline Gun Club (Idaho Falls)
Black Dog Clays

Scott Rod and Gun Club

St. Joe Valley Trap and Skeet - ML-3

Oakwood Gun Club
Ksoko Conservation

Osborne Gun Club

Arc Valley Gun Club - HBL7567C (we do not stock this connector)

Calvert City Gun Club
Elk Creek - Promatic round
Jefferson Gun Club

Hunter's Run (Port Allen)

Angle Tree Stone Rod and Gun Club Club (Skeet - Wireless Squadpuller Ergo)
Fall River
Ludlow Fish and Game - L5-15P
Minute Man Sportsman's Club - ML-3
Mystic Gun Club
Naragansett Gun Club 
  1. Leominster Rod and Gun - ML-3
    Pelham Fish & Game
    Riverside Gun Club
Wallum Lake Rod and Gun Club (S. Grafton)

Scanner Lake Sportsman's Club

Prince George Trap and Skeet - ML-3
Dupont Fish & Game Association - L5-15
Salisbury Gun Club
Sudlersville Skeet Club - L5-15
Loch Raven Trap and Skeet - HBL7567C (we do not stock this connector)
Merto Gun Club - L5-15

Island Lake Shooting Range

Reed City Sportman's Club - L5-15
Southern Michigan Gun Club
Hart Rifle and Pistol
Highland Lakes
Detroit Sportman's L5-20
Fin and Feather Club of Mason County
Rockford Sportsmans Club -- 9965C

Minnetonka Sportsmen
Caribou Gun Club

Gateway Gun Club - ML-3

St. Louis Gun Club
United Sportsman's Club
Settles Ford Gun Club - Adrian
Saddle and Sirloin - Martin City
Heartland - Harrisonville

Blue Creek Sportman's Club - ML-3 or Standard 110

Libby Scattergun - ML-3
Terril Rifle and Pistol - L5-15

Rockingham County Gun Club -Reidsville

Fort Bragg
Brushy Mountain
Durham County Wildlife - L5-15
North River Sporting
Central Dakota Sportman's Club

Fort Kearney
Major Waldron's Sportsman's Club

Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club - ML-2
New Jersey Central - ML-3
Red Wing Sporting Clays
Wayside Skeet Club
Howell Trap - ML-3
Ft Dix - Skeet: single male 9965-C / Trap: single male L5-20

OHKAY Sporting - L5-15
High Desert Sportsman's L5-15
Permian Basin Shotgun Range

Nellis Trap and Skeet - ML-3

3F Conservation - ML-3

Baldwinsville Rod and Gun Club - L5-15
Bath Rod and Gun Club
Binghamton Gun Club
Country Club of Buffalo
Crumelbow Sportsman Association - L5-20
Elma Conservation
East Aurora Fish/Game - ML-3
Groton Rod and Gun Club
Mendon ConservationL15-20
Hamburg Rod and Gun Club
Sacket's Harbor - ML-3
Salmon Creek Sportsmen's Club (Aurora)

Hill 'n Dale (Medina)
Pittsburgh Rod & Gun Club
Middleton Sportsman ML-3
Adams Conservation ML-3
Eastern OH Conservation L5-15
Sportsman Shooting Center in Louisville, Ohio L5-15 male

Oklahoma City Gun Club - ML-3 trap ; L5-15 skeet

Bird Hollow Gun Club
Tulsa Gun Club - XLR - 5 pin

Bend Trap Club

Wawashaw Miluake Gun Club - L5-15
B&B Clay Sports

Factoryville Sportsmen's Club

Blue Ridge Sportsmen's Club  (Harrisburg)
Library Sportsman's Club (Finleyville) - L5-15male (wiring diagram on club board)
North Boroughs Sportsmans Association (New Brighton)
Black Ash Sportman's Club
Delaware County Field and Stream L5-15
Tarentum District Sportsmans Club (Pittsburgh)
Fort Dix (Range14) Skeet 9965C/Trap L5-20
Union City Sportsman's
Oil City Sportsmans Club

East Warren Rod and Gun Club

  Ashaway - ML-3

Wildlife Action - ML-3
Camden ML-3

Central Dakota Sportsman's Club (Carrington)
Hunters Pointe

 Cedar City Gun Club L5-20

Tennessee Wildlife Federation
Tennessee Clay Target Complex - ML-2
Unaka Rod & Gun Club - L5-15
Prarie Shooters
Nashville Gun Club

Westside Sporting Grounds - Standard 110 plug

Capital City Trap and Skeet -  XLR 5-pin
Corpus Christi Rifle and Pistol
Comal  - Standard 110 plug
Rio Brazos
Southern Gun Club
Four Oaks Shotgun Sports
Creekwood Shooting Sports
Throck Morton Gun Club - ML-3
Parker County Sports Club - L5-15
Hill Country Shooting Sports Center
Loma Alta Skeet and Trap Club (Brownsville)
Ft. Hood Skeet and Trap - 6-20P (we do not stock this connector)
Greater Houston Gun Club - L5-15
Waco Skeet and Trap
Port Bliss - ML-3
Orange Gun Club - 9965C
Pearland skeet - L5-15, Trap - L2-20
Rosecity Flying Clays
Grand Praire Gun Club
Ellis County Sportsmans Club - 9965C
Hill Air Force Base Rod and Gun
Heber Valley Gun Club  -- 110 connector & ML-3 connector

Richmond Conservation Club - L4-20 (we do not stock this)
Franklin Rod and Gun (Rocky Mount)
Piedmont Sportsman Club (Unionville) - L5-15
Fairfax Rod and Gun Club - ML-3
Rivinia Rifle and Pistol - ML-3
Chandel L5-15
Shady Grove Kennels
Izaak Walton League - Arlington-Fairfax Chapter L5-30 (we do not stock this)
Northern Virginia Gun Club  ML3 female

Seattle Skeet and Trap

Fort Louis ML-3
Salem Clay Target Sports 

Sauk City Skeet and Trap
Bolder Junction Trap & Skeet
Hunt Club
J & H Game Farm
Casper Skeet Club

Hamilton Gun Club

Silver Willow


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