Due to vacation schedules, THERE WILL BE NO REPAIRS FROM SEPTEMBER 23-OCTOBER 14 - during this time you may ship your repair and we will address it as as soon as we are able after October 14th.


See Video Instructions page for videos on the most common adjustments/procedures.

Manuals for 2017 Models
Quick Start Reference
Skeet Basic
Deluxe, Premium, Elite Models
Wiring Manual
Ergo Squadpuller

Manuals for 2015-2016 Models
Basic skeet
Deluxe, Premium, Elite

Manuals for 2011-2014 Models
Quick Reference Guide - coming soon
Basic and Advanced
Classic, Deluxe, and Elite
Squadpuller Ergo
Standard Squadpuller

Manuals for Models prior to 2011
(These earlier models have lights that are vertical with the lower light having a bigger space between the upper 3 lights.)
APS 2 3 4
APS Custom