Wired vs. Wireless

The Autopuller is the same for both the wired and wireless systems. The difference is the wired has the machine release circuit in the Autopuller, while the wireless has the release circuit in the receiver.

Both the wired and wireless have to be connected to your machines by disconnecting your existing pull cord and connecting either a long cord for the wired models or the adapter cord for the wireless models.

Because connectors vary by machine and field, this is not included with your Autopuller. However, we do sell connectors for many of the most common machines. If you know the machine brand, you may be able to add on the correct connector with your purchase; ensuring you will be able to use your Autopuller the day it arrives.

We do not recommend using a standard household type connector on our units. Accidentally plugging the machine into a household outlet will cause a catastrophic electrical failure.

Wiring the machine is simple and only takes a few minutes. If you want more information on this, please click here to see Owner’s Manuals for the entire product line.

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All wired Autopullers use your existing pull cord. You will need to either remove the push button head from your cord and install connectors on the cord and the original head, or supply a new cord . Some shooters have opted to use an outdoor grade extension cord in place of modifying the original cord.

Each Wired Autopuller system includes:
  1. The Autopuller Controller with 2-foot pigtail (Size:  2 3/4" x 4 1/2");
  2. Lapel Microphone with Clip;
  3. 9-volt Alkaline Battery;
  4. Carabineer Belt Clip;
  5. Soft Carrying Pouch (color may vary from picture); and
  6. Owner's Manual 

The only additional items you will need to purchase are:

  1. a connector to match your existing pull cord connector;
  2. a connector on the end of the Autopuller;
  3. length of cord to get to existing pull cord connector.
The Skeet and Trap models come with a two-foot cord. You will need to supply the long cord to your machine. You are responsible for attaching a connector to both the Autopuller and your cord.

The Sporting Clays model is equipped with a 7-foot cord. You only have to attach your connectors and you are ready to walk the course.



Each Wireless Autopuller system includes:

  1. The Autopuller Controller (includes the transmitter)
  2. The receiver (with antenna)
  3. Two adapter cords (in case you want to be set up for two different fields)
  4. Two 9-volt batteries
  5. Cord Marking Tabs
  6. Lapel  Microphone with Clip 
  7. Soft Carrying Case
  8. Owner's Manual

The only additional item you will need to purchase is a connector to match your existing pull cord connector.


The receiver is designed to make your shoot as trouble free as possible.

The front panel contains 2 dual color lights that inform you of the status of your unit. The left light will flash green to let you know that the receiver is on, or red to indicating when a signal is being sent from the controller. The right light will flash to let you know which machine was trigger for launch. It will flash red for a high target and green for a low target.

Inside the battery compartment, there are switches that allow you to deactivate the ‘auto off 30 minutes of non-use', and to adjust the length of the signal going to the machine. By adjusting this signal, you can control all electric machines, including foot switch operated models. Two internal heat fuses protect both the receiver and your machine, in case a mistake is made during wiring. (If you think that you might have 'blown the fuse' just wait for 1 minute for the fuses to reset themselves)

If you place your receiver where there is power available and would like to use that instead of the 9-volt battery, an external power option is also available.

In some cases the layout of a field may require the receiver to be placed in a house, which may diminish the range for the receiver. If this is the case you may want to consider the high power antenna, which will allow you to place the receiver inside the house and mount the antenna up to 15 feet away. If you have a Wireless Autopuller that was purchased prior to October of 2009, and would like to retro fit your receiver for this option, you may need to send your receiver back to us for a retro-fit.