Frequently Asked Questions

If I shoot both Trap and Skeet, do I need to buy two different models?
No, the skeet model with work for both trap and skeet, you just have to make sure that you have the connectors wired correctly for the proper field. (See manuals for more details.)

Why isn't a connector supplied with the Autopuller?
Both the wireless and wired units do not come with a machine connector.  Many courses have been modified and updated to non-standard type connectors. We have no way of identifying the type and wiring configuration of your particular machine. You are responsible for identifying the type of connector and wiring configuration, obtaining and then installing the connector on the cord. Since there are only 3 wires on the Skeet/Sporting Clays model and 2 wires on the Trap model to connect, it is very easy to do. The specific instructions are included in the manual along with an explanation of what to do if the machines do not respond the way they should. We do not recommend using a standard household type connector on our units. If someone other than yourself were to use your puller, they may inadvertently plug the unit into an outlet and cause a failure. See Accessories page for photos of the most common connectors that we carry in stock.

Is the Autopuller compatible with my machine?
All Clay Delay products are connected to the target machine with an isolation relay. This allows any electrically released machine to be controlled. And since our units are self-powered with a 9-volt battery, the power requirements for the target machine, whether 12, 24 or 110v does not matter. All units have the ability to be adjusted to allow use with all hand-held or foot-operated release machines.  This includes Atlas, Beomat, Promatic, LaPorte, Pat Trap, Champion, Winchester, Do-all, Lincoln, and MEC.

How do I wire the Autopuller to the target machine?
You need to determine what connector your machine or field uses, and attach the connector with the appropriate combination of the three wires in the cord of your Autopuller. (For a detailed explanation, see the wiring manual)

Can I use my skeet controller on a single trap machine?                                Yes, flip switch 3 that will only allow the controller to release a low/2/trap target no matter which arming button it pressed.

What is the difference between the wired and wireless models?

The controller exactly is the same for both wired and wireless Autopullers. On a wired model you will find a 2 foot pigtail onto which you wire a connector to plug into the cord that will plug in where you normally plug in your pull cord. You can use any 3 wire cord (we recommend an outdoor extension cord because it is designed to withstand outdoor conditions. The wireless model will have the same controllers but with a transmitter inside that talks wirelessly to the receiver which plugs in where you normally plug in your pull cord.

If I order a wired model, how long does the cord need to be?
The cord needs to be as long as the further distance that you need to go from the place that you plug in.  For example:

  • If your pull cord plugs in near station 8 or 4, you will need as least 64' of cord to reach out to any of the stations.
  • If your pull cord plugs in near station 1, you will need as least 127' of cord to reach out all the way across the baseline to station 7.

Why does the Autopuller have arming buttons?
A standard feature on all Clay Delay products is the top mounted arming buttons. A common concern with voice release systems is the amount of false targets do to erroneous sounds. Our products are in a standby mode until you are ready to shoot. When ready, you simply push the button for the target that you want, and call. After the shot, the unit goes back into the standby mode and ignores any other sounds.

Due to popular demand, there is a rearming option. This allows you to shoot without pressing the button after the first time arming the Autopuller, Keep in mind that when the Rearm mode is active, the Autopuller may trigger a target in a noisy environment.

Is the Autopuller weatherproof?
The Clay Delay products were designed to be your personal assistant when you want to shoot. Think of our unit as an extension of your gun, neither of which was designed to be left out in the elements. As we know, water and electricity do not mix. Simply shielding the controller from direct contact with inclement weather should prevent problems and give you years of problem free shooting.

Does the Autopuller work for multiple shooters?
One of the standard features included on all Clay Delay products is a manual release button. You call for your targets as usual. When it's your partner's turn, arm the appropriate house and when a target is called for, simply press the manual button.

Can I buy Multiple Transmitters for wireless models?
Yes! You can purchase any number of transmitters to work with a single receiver. The price varies on the model and discounts depend on quantity purchased at the same time.

What is the Autopuller's Wireless Range?
The range for the wireless system is tested to 175 feet. The actual range may vary with environmental conditions.  The higher you place your receiver the more range you will get. Sometimes when a receiver is placed directly on the ground, the signal will be absorbed before it gets to the receiver. This can often be corrected by placing the receiver higher up.

If the receiver requires wiring, what is wireless about the wireless Autopullers?
The Autopuller is originally designed for you to be able to go to the range and practice without disrupting the club's equipment. The receiver is designed to simply replace the pull cord (it plugs in where the normal pull cord plugs in. The receiver and the controller are what communicate wirelessly allowing you to move from station to station without dragging a cord between the controller on your belt and the receiver at the pull cord outlet.

The place where I would plug in my receiver has a power outlet, do I still need the 9-volt battery?
An external power jack is available for the receiver at an additional cost.

Where would I find replacement fuses for the older wireless receiver?
If you need more receiver fuses, a local source in your area is a store. The part number for a package of 4 4-amp fuses is 270-1055. Since most target machines use very little current to release a target, a fuse with a rating of 2-amp up to 5-amp may be substituted for the 4-amp. You will still have the level of protection you need for your equipment.

I have been using my Autopuller and now I wish that I had ordered different modes. Can I have my Autopuller reprogrammed with different modes?
No it cannot be reprogrammed. You will need to purchase a new controller. You do not need to purchase a full system, we can purchase a controller only and sync it to the receiver you have presently.

How is the Autopuller shipped?
Our standard procedure is to ship USPS Priority. We are willing to ship UPS at your request, however since it is usually more expensive we will need to add the difference to your shipping costs.  

Why don't the Skeet models have an instant Voice Release mode?
When we had a basic model without an delay, most customers said that they found the release to be too fast. Because the normal human reaction time for launching a target is between .2 and .6 seconds it will seem too fast to have the target released before you even finish the word "pull". You can always reduce the delay on the "Voice Delay" mode to give a true instant pull.