General Information

The Autopuller

Our products are designed to allow you to release your own targets, without changing your stance. Since each discipline has its own unique ways of releasing, we have a full line of products to cover what you need.

All of the voice activated controllers, referred to as the Autopuller, have standard features. They are as follows:

  • Voice activated – at your call, will either release a target, or start a sequence to release that target
  • Manual release – allows you to bypass the microphone and release the targets for fellow shooters.
  • All have a standby mode, which places the Autopuller in the ready state, but waits for you to select which target you want. This safety feature prevents target launch until you are ready.
  • Mode memory – when you turn your Autopuller off, remembers which mode or modes you had turned on.
  • Mode Partnering – Allows multiple modes to be active at the same time [For example: Use the Voice Delay as your minimum delay (set it at, say .2 seconds) and the American Delay as your maximum delay (set it at, say .4 seconds).  Then you can practice for a good simulation of human referee.]
  • Microphone light – helps identify when the microphone will detect your voice.
  • Low battery indicator – lets you know when the battery needs replacing.
  • All Autopullers will control either 1 or 2 machines. The exception is the dedicated trap model which will only control 1 machine.

A few quick pieces of information about the product:

  • Size is approximately 5 ½ x 2 ½ x 1 for both the Autopuller and the receiver
  • Weight is approximately 6 oz for the Autopuller and 7 oz for the receiver.
  • The enclosures are designed for normal use. If you drop the unit, it will not break, but may scratch. These are solid and built for the way they will be used. They are not like a cell phone, where you have to be overly cautious.
  • Both are weather resistant. They are not waterproof, but operate without any problems in normal weather conditions.

Why Purchase an Autopuller?

The Autopuller addresses everything you need for the best shooting experience:

  • Proper stance – Our voice-activated release allows you to set your stance and call for your target - the same as with a human puller.  Instead of balancing on a foot pedal or juggling a controller when you are ready to shoot you maintain the proper stance and simply call your for target.
  • Minimize false targets – The Autopuller's microphone remains in stand-by mode until you're ready to shoot.  When you are ready, simply press the appropriate house-arming button and call for the target. The unit then goes back into the stand-by mode, turning off the microphone and preventing a false target launch. (If you want the microphone active without pressing the arming button, make sure you order a model with the Rearm mode.)
  • Practice shots – The top arming buttons allow you to select which target you want and how often you want it. There is no shooting sequence; allowing you to concentrate on your problem shots.
  • Shooting with a companion – The manual release button allows you to release the targets at your companion's call.
  • Machine compatibility – Our units are powered with a 9-volt battery. This allows you to connect your unit to any electrically released target machine. There is also an adjuster to fine-tune the machine signal to your machine, whether old or new, foot pedal or hand held button.