Connecting to your Machine

Both the wired and wireless systems need to be connected to your machines. This means you have to disconnect your existing pull cord, and connect either a long cord for the wired models or the adapter cord for the wireless models. We do not supply the connector for either system or long cord for wired machines.

You are responsible for obtaining the correct connector and connecting it to the new cord. We do stock the most common styles, so you may save some time by investigating what your machine is presently using, then make a single purchase for everything you need. We do not recommend using a standard household type connector on our units. If someone other than yourself were to use your Autopuller, they may inadvertently plug the unit into an outlet and cause a failure.

Wiring instructions can be found in your manual.  Can't locate the one shipped with your Autopuller? See the manuals under Learn More.

Quick wiring info is as follows:

Skeet: (Green wire is common to both high and low. Black wire is for high/left. White wire is for low/right.)

  • If you can launch High and Doubles, but no low, swap black and green wires.
  • If you can launch Low and Doubles, but no high, swap white and green wires
  • If you get a High when you launch Low and vice versa, swap black and white wires.


  • Polarity is not important, use the green and white wires. (You can cut off the black wire, or twist it together with the white wire.)