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Standard features found on all Autopullers

  • Voice Control – All Autopullers have voice control, allowing you to call for your target
  • Manual Launch – This allows you to release a target without the use of the microphone
  • Mode Memory – Remembers what modes you had active when you turned the Autopuller off
  • Mode Partnering – Allows multiple modes to be active at the same time (i.e. Voice Delay with American Delay)
  • 1 or 2 Machine Control – All models (except the Trap T2-2M model) will control either 1 or 2 machines
  • Low Battery Indicator – Lets you know when it’s time to change the 9-volt battery
  • Microphone Indicator – Is a visual to help 'see' the operation of the microphone and sensitivity adjustments
  • Standby Mode – The microphone is turned off after each shot to prevent false target launch (see Rearm mode).