Squadpuller  Ergo Controller
Whip Antenna for Autopuller Receiver
Permanent Mount Antenna for Autopuller Receiver

Wireless Buttons - Squadpuller

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Squadpuller $319

Our Wireless Handheld release is a simple manual release that allows you to release targets for your squad without dragging the cord through the dirt, mud, or snow.

It operates the same as a regular release cord. The left button releases the left/high house target. The right button releases the right/low house target. The lower center button releases a true pair/double.


  • A controller with wrist lanyard and on/off switch
  • A receiver
  • Two adapter cords
  • 4 CR2032 batteries
  • A 12-volt power jack for external power on receiver [you can also plug in a transformer if you would like to plug the receiver into a regular power outlet (available separately)]
  • A carrying case
  • An owner's manual

    The Wireless Release Systems require an antenna.  When you select your system, you will also need to select which antenna best suits your anticipated use of the system.

    Option 1: Whip Antenna
    Works best when the receiver is not mounted permanently in one of the machine houses. (7in tall)

    Option 2: Permanent Mount Antenna
    Antenna has a 15-foot cable connecting the receiving part of the antenna to the connector. This is best for the application where the receiver is mounted low and the cable allows the 'antenna' to be mounted high.  What we have found is if the system is going to be portable, the long cable may start to fray and break when repacked over and over.


    Controller Only - $189
    Can be sync'd with any Autopuller Receiver.